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Amusing Hobby

1:35 FV4005 Stage 2 Self Propelled Gun

  • 1:35 FV4005 Stage 2 Self Propelled Gun

Copper State Models

1/35 Minerva Armoured car

The Minerva Armoured Car (French: Automitrailleuse Minerva) was a military armoured car expediently developed from Minerva civilian automobiles by Belgium at the start of the First World War.

  • Transparent parts for headlights

  • Engine and interior included

  • Cartograf printed decals

  • Instruction in colour

Das Werk

1/35 German Kugelpanzer

  • Highly detailed static plastic models

  • Inlcudes two complete Kugelpanzer kits

  • Easy to assemble kits

  • Decalsheet with different markings

  • Decal options: German Factory, German Army, 11th Pz.Div, Japanese Army, Red Army, 1945


The Scammell Pioneer was a british 6×4 tractor used in the Second World War as recovery vehicle, artillery tractor and tank transporter. All Pioneers in British Army were equipped with a 102 hp Gardner 6 cylinder diesel engine, rear-wheels drive and a power winch. Introduced in 1935, the version R100 heavy artillery tractor was used in World War II to tow medium and heavy artillery. 980 Pioneers R100 were produced to the end of the war. From 1936 the British Army began to receive 43 Pioneers heavy recovery vehicles SV1S. Many of these SV1S and R100 vehicles were lost in France in June 1940, destroyed by the withdrawing troops or captured by the Germans.


  • Chernobyl #1 Radiation Monitoring Station 

  • Zil-131KSHM Truck

  • Includes five  figures

  • Diorama base with background included


1/35 FV510 Warrior TES(H) AIFV

  • Includes movable suspension

  • Workable tracks

  • Track assembly jig

  • Clear lights and optical parts

  • Precision PE Parts


1/35 T-34/85 w/D-5T. PLANT 112. SPRING 1944

Highly  detailed model with separate track links and V-2 engine included.


  • Full interior of transmission and engine compartments

  • Fully detailed interior of turret and fighting compartments

  • Fully detailed driver compartment 

  • Decal sheet for 3 options

  • Photo Etch parts included

Rye Field Model

1/35 Challenger 2 TES

  • Counter IED antennas

  • Detailed bottom hull

  • Workable track links and suspension

  • ECM Equipment and driver night vision system

  • Remote controlled weapons system


1/72 Chieftain Mk 10 / Chieftain Mk 11

The Takom 1/72 Chieftain Mk 10 / Chieftain Mk 11 accurately recreates the real life British Cold War Tanks. 


  • Two British Main Battle Tanks in one box.

  • Link & Length tracks with track assembly jig 

  • PE parts

  • Choice of 6 markings.


1/35 Russian Heavy Tank KV-1

  • Features realistic depictions of rough armor, cast metal surfaces and weld lines.

  • Assemble with hatches and fender-top stowage cases open or closed.

  • Assembly type tracks feature one-piece straight sections.

  • Includes one commander torso figure

  • Two marking options.