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AK Interactive

1/10 The Desert Fox British 8th Army (North Africa 1941-43)

AK Interactive

1/10 The Desert Fox British 8th Army (North Africa 1941-43)

1/10 The Desert Fox British 8th Army (North Africa 1941-43)


75mm (1/24) Corporal Philip Smith VC 17th Regt Sevastopol 1855

Corporal Smith won his VC at Sevastopol for repeatedly going out in front of the advanced trenches against the Great Redan, on the 18th June 1855, under a very heavy fire, after the column had retired from the assault and bringing in wounded comrades.

Unpainted, resin kit, needing assembly.


1/35 American Civil War Confederate Infantry

  • American Civil War Confederate Infantry

  • New molds


1/35 Car Maintenance 1930 - 1940

Kit contains 4 unassembled models of Figures and Tools

Photo-etched parts are Included


Mitches Military Models

120mm Tumbledown Falklands 1982

120mm Tumbledown Falklands 1982


OMEN Battle of the Gods

75mm Anubis Diorama

This is a very highly detailed 3D sculpt based in ancient Egypt history. It’s a good way to understand Egyptian mythology and connect the God with the underworld.


Rado Miniatures

1/35 SS-MG 42 Team

1/35 SS-MG 42 Team


RP Models

120mm Roman Catafratari

This is a very highly detailed 3D sculpt based in Trajan Column. In creating this model hours of historical research were required to ensure the finished model was completed with accuracy, extreme details and elements.

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Venetian Plague Doctor Scale 1:35 (54mm) Diorama SET

This is a 1:32 = 54 mm scale diorama in resin and depicts a Venetian plague doctor from the 1600s.

Plague is an infectious disease of bacterial origin (Yersinia pestis) , scientifically studied only in 1984 by a pupil of Pasteur.

But why build a plague doctor model? His "uniform" was and represents the first pathogen protection model in history.

The COMPLETE KIT contains:

1 Plague Doctor 54mm,  1 Amietino donkey with cart and corpse,  1 floor + wall,  3 rats,  1 walking lamp 1 wall lantern 1 ladder ropes and cords for the kit

No Art Work Supplied

Evolution Miniatures

1/35 Soviet Partisans